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ROSCO White China Silk Butterfly Panel

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Rosco Butterfly panels are manufactured with steel spring tube and in Rosco fabrics. They have a strong webbing all around the frame which makes them light, resistant and easy to handle. Filter grip panels in selected colours facilitate identifying different kind of fabrics. 

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With a strap around the frame that makes them more resistand, lightweight and easy to handle. The straps come in different colors to make identification of the panels easier. Available in six standard sizes. The substitute textiles are sold separately. with a velcro system that fixes to the frame.

All standard sizes in stock:

12""x 18"" (30 x 46 cm)
18""x 24"" (46 x 61 cm)
24""x 30"" (61 x 76 cm)
24""x 36"" (61 x 92 cm)
24"" x 7"" (61 x 182 cm)
30""x 36"" (76 x 92 cm)
48""x 48"" (122 x 122 cm)

Color codes:

Molton Black  - Black
Black Single Net - Green
White Single Net - White
Black Double Net - Red
White Double Net - Grey
Black Triple Net - Black
White Triple Net - White
White Artificial Silk - Yellow
Black Artificial Silk - Black
1/4 White Artificial Silk - Blue
White Natural Chinese Silk - White

Reduction STOP Textiles:

Artificial Silk1 STOP
Chinese Silk (Natural)1/2 STOP
1/4 Artificial Silk 1/4 STOP
White or Black Single Net1/2 STOP
White or Black Double Net1 STOP
White or Black Triple Net1 1/2 STOP

The panels have a manufacturing time of 48 hours after the order has been confirmed.

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