Nido de Abeja 50 Grados ROSCO

ROSCO Egg Crate Butterfly Louver 40°

ROSCO's Egg Crate Louvers are designed to control light beams. They are available in 40º and 50º and are made with a flexible and absorbent fabric.

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Roscotex butterfly panels are designed to control light effects when large frames are used on the set.

Available in 40º and 50°, these nets are made with a flexible material, that absorbs light and thanks to its exclusive anti-slip design, offers an excellent control of light in any position, even horizontal. They are available in six standard sizes, from 4' x 4' to 20' x 20', as well as in custom sizes. Each one comes with a new elastic cord system for fast dismounting, which allows for fast fixing to the frame for simple installation. They are lightweight, resistant and portable, and come with a waterproof carryinf case so you cant take them wherever you want. 

Available in all standard sizes:

4' x 4' (1.12 x 1.12 m) 
6' x 6' (1.74 x 1.74 m)
8' x 8' (2.35 x 2.35 m)
12' x 12' (3.55 x 3.55 m)  
12' x 20' (3.55 x 5.90 m)   
20' x 20' (5.90 x 5.90 m)

Can also be made in any size with a personalized finish.

Includes a carrying case that is resistant to water and rubber straps for easy mounting.

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