Wireless Clappeboard TS-C DENECKE

Wireless Clappeboard TS-C DENECKE

Denecke TS-C, time code clapperboard

Electronic clapperboard
SMPTE / EBU CT Generator / Reader / Indicator
Electro-luminiscent background lighting, EL
Synchronize HD frequency, 23.976
High stability, low drift glass


The Denecke TS-C is an elegant and compact clapperboard, capable of reading, generating and displaying SMPTE / EBU time code.

It's perfect for documentary work, inserting shots, ENG-like, or anywhere a large clapperboard is too cumbersome.

The TS-C syncs to all frame rates, including HD 23.976.

User bits are automatically set when connected to an external timecode source.

The TS-C reads and displays the speed of the time code used at special speeds such as the “playback” of a music video.

The precision of the TCXO crystal and the microprocessor (16 bit) ensures high precision and low drift.

Its standard backlit film is especially useful for low-light locations.

The time code reader can also be configured as “+ 1 frame reader” to display the time code in real time instead of one frame later. The TS-C is the first Denecke product to support Aaton's serial communication.


Aaton serial communication through a five (5) pin lemo connector.
Standard surface with electro-luminiscent backlighting, EL.
Weight 900 gr with batteries (approximately)
Variable screen intensity in nine (9) steps.
16-bit microprocessor that allows future updates.
Automatic adjustment for incoming frame rates.
Displays the battery voltage and warns when the battery is low.
Readjust to a new frequency without turning the unit off.
Access cover to the sliders and quick change of batteries.
Timing error warning of different frame rates.

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