VISIBLE DUST Zeeion blower

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Anti-static blower with dust-free air ejection. Includes travel bag.

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Manufactured with Silicon-RX, which is a unique compound used in the construction of the Zeeion blower to produce an anti-static property. Unlike ordinary blowers made from regular rubber that increase static charges, the Zeeion blower allows for opposite charges of air molecules to be blown towards sensor surfaces and dust, which in turn neutralizes the static charges for an easier and more efficient dust removal system. This advanced feature reduces the dust re-attachment to the surface by neutralizing the surface static charges.

The one-way valve on the front of the ZEEION blower prevents dust intake during expansion from the nozzle. Thanks to this system, the intake of the air occurs from the back end (which also includes another filter), far away from the contamination source. Therefore, the air the blower expels is always clean air, unlike ordinary blowers which take in the air from the same nozzle that ejects, absorbing dust particles when the blower expands.

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