CALIBRITE ColorCheker Passport Photo 2
CALIBRITE ColorCheker Passport Photo 2
CALIBRITE ColorCheker Passport Photo 2
CALIBRITE ColorCheker Passport Photo 2

CALIBRITE ColorCheker Passport Photo 2

The ColorChecker Passport consists of three photographic cards in a travel-size case and camera calibration software in DVD, being ideal for any type of work, and making it easy to control color with ease and versatile creativity.


  • The ColorChecker Passport is ideal for professional photographers and offers the first independent solution for DNG profiles for cameras and RAW workflow for use with RAW editing files.
  • Card to increase your creativity – Get more creative images in just one click..
  • This card allows for checking bright lights and shadows, adding the warm and cool balance of white patches.
  • Classic Colorchecker – Card with 24 patches with classic colors of the industrial standards for camera profile creation and the evaluation of specific colors White Balance Card.
  • New White Balance Card for more precision. The ColorChecker Passport also includes camera calibration software that works with the Classic Card and allows for the creation of DNG profiles, its own independent software, as well as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom 2.
  • The ColorChecker Passport is ideal for photographers and offers several different functions, such as: Custom DNG profiles for all digital cameras. Image enhancement through RAW workflow. New Compact White Compact balance card, that’s practical and comes with its own pocket-sized hardcase.

A workflow managed by color that inspires creativity.

The ColorChecker Passport Photo offers a unique tool to obtain total control of the color and customize the highest level of creativity from the moment the image is captured until the post-processing.

The art of managing color is all about making sure the colors are the same from the first moment. This means that your camera captures real colors, the monitor shows them accurately, and your printer prints the image just as it looks on the screen. The ColorChecker Passport Photo is an essential component to get 100% of your workflow in color management. In addition, the included enhancement card will help you have an even further vision, making creativity flow for quick and easy editing and to express the colors just like you’ve always imagined them. That’s why one shoot at the studio, a colorful nature scene, or various different photographic shoots can increase your software editing potential with just one click that will express your inspiration.

Shooting in Raw allows for great flexibility while adjusting the color since it captures the color of the camera so exceptionally well. Calibrated Raw workflow reduces the difference in color between the cameras and lenses, is adapted for the lighting combination, and makes it possible to mimic the color in different scenes. The ColorChecker Passport Photo calibrates the camera quickly and easily. You’ll have a great capacity to edit the color since you will begin with a consistent base. You’ll also be able to take advantage of RAW processing software that automatically applies your profiles to a large number of images.

If your Raw processing applications do not support DNG profiles, you can use the ColorChecker Passport Photo to make up a physical reference for editing color. The enhancement card also offers the exposure assessment and with one click, the white balance to edit Raw packages that support these functions.

The ColorChecker Passport Photo includes the following characteristics:

Starting off with an accurate white balance ensures that the color that is captured is real and offers a reference point for post-capture editing.

The ColorChecker White Balance Card is a spectrally flat card that provides a neutral reference via different lighting conditions that you will find during the photo capture. The light is reflected from the card equally through the visible spectrum, creating a customized white balance in the camera that will compensate the correct mode for the light variation.

You can:

  • Eliminate color tones
  • Improve the color preview on the camera screen for a more reliable histogram
  • Quickly and easily edit the color in post-production and easily do away with the need to neutralize each image separately.

Adjusting a customized white balance for each lighting situation will make the preview of the color more accurate on the camera screen, allowing for a more reliable histogram and quicker editing of the color in post-production. While shooting in Raw you can capture during the session to obtain these benefits, while the JPEG should be done during the first shot.

Why can’t I just use any white object?
Making a white balance with a piece of paper or some other grey element in the scene can seem like a simple alternative, but many objects are not completely neutral according to lighting conditions; and they’re definitely not consistent. An inappropriate white balance will give a result with a color tone and a lack of consistency among the lighting conditions.

This enhancement card provides a high level of creativity for color and control in your workflow.The enhancement card includes four strips of color patches designed for image editing in just one click of the color sampler. Whether it’s a studio shoot, a colorful nature scene or multiple photography events, you can increase the powerful photography editing software in a virtual Raw processing software.

Two strips of warm and cold patches in the middle will guide you to edit repeatedly and pleasantly. Creatively redefine the color of your image by adding warmth to the flesh tone, or highlight the depth of the blues or greens in the landscape. Just click using the patches to view the adjustment and select the optimum look. Then, save the adjustment or apply it to another image that was captured under the same lighting circumstances to make your editing – It’s that easy!

When cutting, the enhancement card highlights the importance of working in Raw. One strip of cut patches acts as a visual reference to judge, control and edit images for shading details or highlighting cuts. However, during a preview, it can seem like that shading detail o highlight has been lost. It’s possible that the processing software has cut it, but they’re still available in the Raw files. With just a couple adjustments, you can get them back.

The cut patches are separated into two groups: light or dark. The light parches are organized with a 1/3 F-Stop difference among them. The dark patches are equally organizes, except for the last patch; which represents the darkest patch in the ColorChecker card. The exposure difference between the darkest and the next lightest patch is about 1/10th of a Stop, and the dynamic range of the card is about 32:1 (5 Stops). In Adobe applications, using these patches with a preview of the cut will ensure that no details are lost.

Going now to the top of the enhancement card, the top HSL strip (hue, saturation and tonality) includes 8 spectrum patches to ensure the reliability of the color through all hues to be able to evaluate and edit in each color change.

The ColorChecker Classic Card is a photography industry standard and an important step to getting consistent and predictable color in the shot. The ColorChecker Passport Photo includes a pocket-sized version of the classic card with 24 patches. When you combine it with the calibration software of the camera, you can produce DNG profiles in your camera to respond to the scene lighting to get consistency and predictability for respectable results from one image to the next and one camera to the next.

The Classic card also provides a visual point of reference for color.Enhance your photography with the same lighting as with your images; then open the photo processing software as a reference to help with the color correction. Each of the 24 color patches represent colors of natural objects, such as sky blue, flesh tones and leaf green; and each patch reflects the light just as its real counterpart would. Each individual square uses an individual solid hue to produce pure, flat and rich colors without spots or color fading.

The Classic card can also help correct the global mode based on precise information. If you shoot a large number of images that require the same color correction, you’ll know that editing a few key images and applying the changes can sometimes not be necessary to be changed. One shot of the Classic ColorChecker captured under the same lighting circumstances as your images can serve as a reference point. That way you’ll be able to see exactly how the changes will affect the rest of the images, thus obtaining a consistency with all your images.


  • Black Magic DaVinci Solution for color graduation in your video editing workflow
  • Hasselblad Phocus for camera ICC profile locations

Customized DNG camera profiles with the Classic ColorChecker Card, the industry standard with 24 patches. With the included camera calibration application ColorChecker Passport Photo and Lightroom plug-in®, you can quickly and easily make DNG profiles for Adobe solutions.® Imaging that includes Lightroom®, Photoshop®, Photoshop®Elements, Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe®Bridge.

The advanced calibration technology provides excellent results with just the Classic 24-patch ColorChecker card, producing DNG profiles that work exceptionally well, even with artificial light sources. Also, the auto-stop software will find the card automatically. While you’re shooting away with your camera, or even multiple cameras, you can easily establish a base of accurate color and maintain the control of your colors.

  • Camera calibration for shots in Raw provide a great capacity to calí­brate and correct colors.
  • The accurate color offers a consistent base for a creative interpretation.
  • Minimize the color differences among different cameras and lenses
  • Adaptation for mixed lighting
  • Make the color balance equal through different scenes

A very important characteristic of this software is the DNG profile creation tool for dual luminants. These types of profiles take into account the different light sources to create one profile, which can later be applied to a wide variety of lighting conditions. You’ll also be able to create a profile for any type of lighting condition that you may come across. Dual luminant profiles will give you the freedom to move freely among the different lighting conditions without changing profiles.

The ColorChecker Passport Photo is practical and compact. It is handy for all your shots! The compact travel size of the ColorChecker Passport makes it even more practical. Made of a resistant material, it holds and protects the three ColorChecker cards from the elements and from the daily wear and tear to make it last even longer.

The Passport’s carrying case is adjustable to different positions to stand up alone, allowing for flexibility in positioning the cards exactly where you want them. Whether you need one single shot of the white balance card, a 90 degree shot with the classic card or the enhancement card, or even two together, the Passport’s carrying case can be perfectly positioned.

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