Grayscale Chart and color separator

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Control chart (18 patches in two hues of 9 base colors) on a neutral grey (18%).

More details

  • The Grayscale Chart and color separator is equal to the Q13 control probe for photographers, printers and color professionals.
  • The chart with 20 grays offers an accurate and simple way to check grays in copies.
  • The set of 18 colors (2 depths of 9 base colors) allows the user to check colors compared to their printing.
  • Identification of colors in the process of separating colors.
  • Useful for art copies and color comparisons, processes using masks, movie files and filters.
  • Compare original hue values with copies.
  • Identify measure and control copied images.
  • Determine values for curves in copies.
  • Contains the standard colors used in RGB and CMYK.
  • Grayscale (20 scaled in density steps 0.10 between 0.0 [white] and a depth of black practically with 1.90 printing).
  • Each card measures 60mm x 203mm.

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