CALIBRITE ColorCheker Classic

CALIBRITE ColorCheker Classic

Designed for use in both traditional and digital photography.
The Color Checker card can be used to create exact profiles for the digital camera.
The ColorChecker is a chart (approx. size: A4) of 24 squares scientifically-chosen for a wide array of colors.

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  • These squares are not only the same color as their counterparts, but they also reflect the light in all the visible spectrum.
  • When carrying out a test with the ColorChecker, you can create a non-subjective reference for an accurate color comparison.
  • Card with 24 squares in different colors scientifically prepared and about A4 size. Patches designed to represent natural objects with a special interest (for example flesh tones, greens and sky).
  • Offers a non-subjective reference for an accurate color comparison – saving costs, time and possible errors. Ideal for the assessment of color quality in graphic arts, advertisingand television.
  • Comes with a protective sleeve.
  • Under normal conditions, the Color
  • Checker card should be substituted every 2 - 4 years to maintain the exact color.

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