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ColorChecker Video is the perfect target color card for video editing. It’s a control and balance card for audiovisual production from the shoot to editing.

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The ColorChecker Video is the perfect color target for video editing. This card has two sides: on one you can find the color patches, flesh tone patches, and grayscale patches. The other side is a white balance card that is spectrally neutral. It is the perfect color target card to make previous controls of the cameras and wider shots. Ideal for film makers.

The video color target card includes:

  • Colors: six patches of saturated and non-saturated colors
  • Flesh tones: six patches of skin tones between clear and dark with different nuances
  • Grayscale: four large patches parches with a consistent grey balance, including reference patches in white, 40IRE grey, intense grey and shiny black
  • Linear grayscale: six patches for a homogeneous grey balance, including areas of brightness and shade
  • Patches for lighting control: patches in white and black on both corners to determine a consistent lighting

White balance card: Make a White balance in the camera to start off with a neutral point when recording. With this chart you can:

  • Eliminate dominant colors
  • Save time during editing and color grading in post-production since it is not necessary to neutralize each frame individually

Use them for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • color grading
  • color balance
  • grey balance
  • getting the perfect exposure
  • camera-to-camera matching
  • shooting and editing in variable lighting


  • Size: 21.59 x 27.94 cm
  • Weight: 227 grams
  • Humidity range 85% or less, does not condense

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