CineTools believes in this profession, we believe in today’s professionals, and more importantly, in tomorrow’s professionals. That’s why we collaborate with different Cinema Schools, providing not the students as well as the schools themselves with affordable material.

We believe in this industry and we work with companies within the film, TV and theater sectors because we believe that together we are even stronger, and this way we can be a part of building a greater audiovisual professionalization so that all productions, whether they are filmed here in Spain or elsewhere, can rely on the neccessary tools for smooth sailing in their audiovisual projects.

We also collaborate with professional associations within the industry. We are sponsors of the Spanish Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals (Asociación De Profesionales De Producción Audiovisual – APPA) and we support the activities that the association promotes.

And above all, we support outreach initiatives, striving to do our bit in order to make the world a better place.

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