Costume Crayon Dark Grey 70ml DIRTY DOWN View larger

Costume Crayon Dark Grey 70ml DIRTY DOWN

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Use straight from the stick – big long lasting 70ml plastic sticks.
Quick and easy to apply when the pressure is on for effective fast results.
Not just for costumes – use on any textured surface such as cardboard, rough timber & boarding, wicker, textured paint, bricks and concrete, etc.
The ageing effect of the crayon can “drop out” and reduce over a week or two.

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Basic Usage Instructions:
Costume Crayons work best at room temperature (20 degC). Cold crayons may be hard and should be warmed before use, for example, by keeping in a pocket against the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not force the plastic screw mechanism if a crayon is cold.
Crayons will not adhere to smooth surfaces.
Apply to small areas/patches.
Press gently for a less visible mark. Press harder for a darker mark.
Rub-in the crayon mark after each application using a dry or damp/wet cloth.
Do not apply in long continuous lines (unless you would like straight lines).
Use sparingly.

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