ROSCO Cinegel 3029 Silent Frost

ROSCO Cinegel 3443 1/4 Straw

A more yellow (or less red) version of the 1/4 CTO. Converts 5500°K daylight to 4500°K. Deep-dyed base. (Mired = +42, Trans.= 81%, -0.3s).

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  • Rosco’s Cinegel range includes over 200 tools to control light, including color correction, diffusion, and their patented CalColor System, the Storaro Selection and Cinelux.
  • Since its introduction in 1970, Cinegel has continually developed and grown to meet the working needs of professionals working behind the camera.
  • In 1974, Rosco was honored with an Academy Award® for developing the Cinegel range and again in 1998 for the development of the CalColor range of calibrated colors for camera.
  • All filters in the Cinegel range are available in 20" x 24" sheets and 48" x 25' rolls unless otherwise specified.
  • Cinegel color and correction filters are manufactured using a unique polyester deep-dyed technique for more stability when exposed to heat and a high level of color transmission.

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