ROSCO 10 x 60  degrees Optisculpt  24"x 40" (61x102 cm)

ROSCO 10 x 60 degrees Optisculpt 24"x 40" (61x102 cm)

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Delivering precise 10° angular beam control, this Rosco OPTI-SCULPT™ Filter allows lighting professionals to accurately control the shape of their light with increased brightness over traditional diffusion filters. This filter passes the light through non-diffracting structures for even beam distribution without any color-shift. This uniform control creates circular or linear beam patterns, great for applications where beam shaping is desired.

This model is a 40" x 24" (61X102cm)seamless sheet that can easily be cut-to-size to fit any light. Both heat resistant and flame retardant, OPTI-SCULPT can be used on both LED and traditional tungsten light fixtures. Plus, the filter's performance is not affected by dust or oils from hands.

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