Vaina T8 (Diámetro 25,40mm)

ROSCO Sleeves for Fluorescents

Rosco Sleeves for Fluorescents

are clear polycarbonate tubes with the specified color filter inserted inside the sleeve. Specify any of the more than 300 colors found in Rosco's popular Roscolux, Cinegel or E-Colour+ color filter lines.

Contact CineTools to indicate the meeasurements and color reference that you need.

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The T5 and T8 include a UV filter which prevents premature color fading.

Available in sizes T5 (0.61 m, 1.22 m, 1.52 m), T8 (0.61 m, 1.22 m, 1.52 m, 2.44 m) y T12 (0.61 m, 1.22 m, 2.44 m). 

Standard lengths for 0.61 m, 1.22 m, 1.52 m, 2.44 m lamps. Can be cut to custom lengths with scissors, or ordered as a custom length. 

End Caps which fit snugly over the ends will hold the lamps in place even if broken, preventing shattered glass from falling. 

No minimum quantities required.

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