Opti-Flecs Hojas 30cm x 30cm
Opti-Flecs Hojas 30cm x 30cm
Opti-Flecs Hojas 30cm x 30cm
Opti-Flecs Hojas 30cm x 30cm


The latest generation of lighting control filters for the latest lighting technology.

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The more we get into the LED lighting market and solid lighting, the higher the demand is for solutions that solve the resulting light that comes with this new technology. White LEDs in any color temperature usually contain an excess of green light and lack the critical parts of the spectrum that makes the light seem more attractive on skin tones and architectural surfaces. A common description of LED light is that it looks "sterile" or "flat" and that illuminated objects or people appear “sallow” or “lifeless.”

OPTI-FLECS lighting control filters provide cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions to enhance the beam-quality of any LED source. The OPTI-FLECS range of semi-rigid filters contains color filters that target specific spectral spikes and output anomalies found in LED fixtures, and several unique diffusion options for softening the oftentimes harsh, directional beam produced by LED lights.

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