Led Lenser Rechargeable X21R.2 Flashlight

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Rechargeable flashlight that provides up to 1600 lumens of luminosity.
It offers 8 light functions and three programs, so that you can choose the best operation in each particular situation.

More details

  • You can choose whether the flashlight is regulated or non-regulated.
  • You should use this flashlight to be able to fully appreciate it.
  • Seven ultra-bright LED chips are concentrated via seven individual lights, projecting a circular beam that is surprisingly homogeneous and sharply delimited.
  • Particularly, the focus point of the flashlight generates a bright light beam that even makes car headlights pale in comparison.
  • Thanks to Led Lenser’s charging technology, the LED LENSER X21 R is not only ecological, but also economical as far as use is concerned.
  • It offers Led Lenser's patented Advanced Focus System (AFS) which, with the combination of reflector and lens, provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogeneous spill-beam.
  • It comes with Smart Light Technology (SLT), controlled by an intelligent micro controller that offers the selection of different light functions and optimizes energy consumption.
  • Technical design in perfect harmony. Power mode that offers high-powered luminosity in any situation.
  • Low Power mode that lets you work comfortably at short distances avoiding uncomfortable shining. Strobe mode that gives off strobe lights at high frequencies that can be used in self-defense or for signaling in an emergency.
  • Morse mode lets you use the push button switch to give off sequences for individual signaling.
  • Boost function that offers a blast of bright light with one simple push of the button.
  • Dim mode with regulator that allows for an adjustment of between 15 % and 100% of the total luminosity.
  • Blink mode with intermittent beams that are automatically given off at regular intervals.
  • Very useful as a position marker. SOS function for emergency situations so that the light can guide emergency teams to you.
  • The visibility of the signaling can reach many kilometers, increasing rescue possibility.
  • Luminosity: 1600 lumens
  • Length: 412 mm
  • Weight: 1.450 gr
  • Lighting Range: 600m Batteries: 4 x D NiMh

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