LEATHERMAN Bit Driver Extender

LEATHERMAN Bit Driver Extender

The Leatherman extension holds standard Leatherman bits as well as hex bits. (Surge, Skeletool, Charge, Mut, Mut EOD, Wave. And standard 1/4" hex bits).

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Length: 70mm

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Compatible with:

  1. Charge® AL
  2. Charge® ALX
  3. Charge® Ti
  4. Charge® TTi
  5. Charge® XTi
  6. MUT®
  7. MUT® EOD
  8. Skeletool®
  9. Skeletool® CX
  10. Wave®
  11. Surge®
  12. Soporte para puntas extraíble
  13. c33B
  14. c33Bx
  15. c55B
  16. c55Bx
  17. e306x
  18. e307x
  19. e33B
  20. e33Bx
  21. e55B
  22. e55Bx
  23. h502
  24. h503
  25. k502x
  26. k503x
  27. Original Surge®
  28. Skeletool® SX
  29. Signal™

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