Field Template™ 1/4"

Field Template™ 1/4"

This 2017 edition also includes a Pacific, an LED ERS, an ETC Source Four Junior and Source Four Par, along with two moving light shapes.
Then he included the beam spread information under each symbol to allow for easy reference.


He then pre-spaced the symbols on 1’-6" centers incorporating the award-winning Pro•Grid System.
Finally, Shelley aligned the symbols so that the thick horizontal line indicates a batten, the accurate hanging point for each instrument.

The 1/4" Field Template™ Lite Stencil allows accurate light plots to be drafted faster, cleaner, yet at a reasonable cost. Compare the design and quality of the 1/4" Field Template™ Lite against other more expensive templates. We believe you'll find the 1/4" Field Template™ Lite Stencil is an excellent addition to the Field Template™ drafting family.

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