Gobo Custom Glass B/W ROSCO

Gobo Custom Glass B/W ROSCO

Whether you need B&W glass versions of your favorite Rosco steel designs or you need to project a color-matched logo for a corporate event, Rosco Custom Glass Gobos are the most effective way to provide superior projected imagery for the most demanding client or production manager. Choose Rosco to ensure perfect color and image design for your glass gobos.

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With facilities in both the US and Europe, Rosco is the largest manufacturer of gobos in the world.  Our two art departments ensure nearly 24-hour coverage so that someone is almost always available to work on your gobo design. Ask us about custom glass gobo wheel options or animation effects as well.Do you want to turn a simple event into an extraordinary event of a high-class gathering without much investment? Rosco gobos are right for you. With a large collection of gobos available, you can easily decide on one or more Gobos having different patterns for different type of events. 

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