SEKONIC C-800 Spectromaster

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The most innovative tool for color control. Precise measurement of light spectrum with sources: LED, HMI, Fluorescent Tungsten, natural light and flash with cable, without cable and via PocketWizard radio in the model C-700R. The color temperature is shown in ºKelvin and in illuminance measurements, Lux and Lux/sec. Measurement range of the color temperature is from 1600 to 40,000ºk.

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Class A JIS C 1609-1:2006
Linear Sensor Cmos
Spectral Range of wavelength 380nm A 780nm
Length of output wave1nm
Measurement Range Ambience 1 to 20,000 lux = 0,09 a 18.600 fc
Flash 20 a 20.480 lx/s
Precision *4, 5 (Standard Illuminant A) Illuminance: ±1%+1 of display value
CCT: ±4MK-1(Standard Illuminant A, 800lx)
Repeatibility(xy=Standard Illuminant A) Illuminance: ±1%+1 of display value
CCT: 2MK-1 (500 to 100,000 lx)
CCT: 4MK-1 (100 to 500 lx)
CCT: 8MK-1 (30 to 100 lx)
CCT: 17MK-1 (5 to 30 lx)
Spectral response visible-region
caracterí­sticas f) within 9%
Cosign response (f2) within 6%
Temperature deviation (fT) Ev: ±5% of display value
CCT: ±12MK-1 (Standard Illuminant A, 800lx)
Humidity deviation (fH) Ev: ±5% of display value
CCT: ±12MK-1 (Standard Illuminant A, 800lx)
Capture Function
Measurement TIme Ambient Max.: 15 sec. (1 lx)
Ambient Min.: 100μs (200,000 lx)
Flash: 1 to 1/500s (plus 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, /100, 1/200, 1/400)
Measurement modes Text mode, spectral graphic mode, CRI mode, Lighting filter mode, camera filter mode, Spectral comparison mode, Multi-lighting mode, white-balance mode
Other digital functions / Cinema Mode, data memory: 99, Preset Function, power
Auto, Auto Dimmer
Languages in display English, Japonese and Chinese
Interface USB 2.0
Operational temperature -10 to 40 deg. C
Storage temperature -10 to 60 deg. C
Dimensions 73w x 183h x 27d mm
Weight 240g

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