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A flexible fireproof coating for a wide variety of foams and other surfaces.

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Rosco Flexcoat is a non-toxic, white waterbased coating that is excellent for use as a flexible protective coating over all types of polystyrene and soft foams. Its 100% acrylic formulation provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. FlexCoat contains no plasticizers, so will not become brittle with age or exterior exposure. It is compatible with all Roscopaints used either as tints or surface coatings. FlexCoat is weatherproof and provides a Class "A" fire rating over most substrates.

APPLICATION:Apply by brush, roller or a variety of sprayers. Stir well before each use. Thinning is possible but not recommended as it reduces the ability to achieve a heavy film with good vertical hold. All surfaces must be uniformly coated and free from voids to assure flame retardance.

SUGGESTED USE:Excellent for use as a flexible protective coating over all types of foam. It is especially useful on foam scenery and props which undergo excessive handling or protracted tours. It, also, performs well over concrete, primed metal and primed wood. FlexCoat does not add significant additional weight to the finished product.

SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease before application.

COVERAGE:Varies with application method and substrate. Approximately 28-33 m2 per gallon (7.3 -8.7 m2/l).

DRY TIME:Varies with thickness of coating, temperature and humidity. Approximately 1-8 hours. Allow 24 hours for complete cure.

CLEANING:Easy clean-up with soap and water.

SHELF LIFE:Minimum 12 months.

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