ROSCOGLO Fluorescent Paint, 0.47 Liters

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Roscoglo is an excellent phosphorescent paint, designed to be used in situations of total darkness, for stage direction and visual orientation.

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It's activated quickly and easily in seconds with any light source and offers a high initial brightness, followed by a long shine that's a bit dimmer so that they eye can adjust to the darkness. In the darkness a 13 cm2 square of Roscoglo is visible in its distinctive yellow-green color from up to 9 meters away. This paint can be re-activated. The glow time is variable, depending on the film thickness that is applied, the amount of light absorbed, and the degree of adaptation that the eye has in the darkness.

Roscoglo pigment is not radiactive nor toxic. The paint can be applied alone, or over other paint layers. Although Roscoglo is resistant to foot traffic, it can be removed easily with water and soap.

Roscoglo is easy to use and is more flexible than tapes since it can't be accidentally moved nor scuffed and is more easily applied. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, its glow is normally twice as bright as most phosphorescent tapes.
Roscoglo uses include marking the stage floor for actor placement after turning off the lights, as well as marking special areas of the theater. These areas can include stairways, fire escapes, cables, crossways, etc. Also, Roscoglo can be used for painting special effects.
Roscoglo is sold in 0.47 liter cans.

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