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ROSCO Fluorescent Paint, 3.8 liters

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Available in 9 brighter than normal colors which glow vividly under ultraviolet lights, Rosco Fluorescent Paints can create a wide range of exciting effects.

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They can be used to create special effects using ultraviolet light or combined with other Rosco Scenic Paints to make the colors more vibrant. These paints use the same high quality, water-base, vinyl acrylic binder found in Off Broadway Paints. They are suitable for use on most surfaces after the surface has been properly prepped. Try to use ROSCO Fluorescent paints to match the most vivid colors of the Pantone or to obtain impressive 3-D effects.



BINDER TYPE:Vinyl Acrylic.

DILUTION:Fluorescent Paints should be used straight out of the can although they can be diluted with water if necessary. This, however, will reduce the hiding power of the paint.

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Prime any porous surfaces, except fabrics, using Rosco Tough Prime. If painting a new plaster surface, prime the wall with a commercial primer/sealer designed for raw plaster. Afterwards, use Rosco Tough Prime as the final preparation step. For the most dramatic color effects, use a white base coat. 

APPLICATION:Stir contents well before use, do not shake. Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun. Apply in thin uniform coats, using a good quality brush or roller. Use overlapping strokes, keeping a wet edge. 

 0.5 mm. dry film. 

COVERAGE:Approx. 33 square meters per gallon (8.6 m2/l). 

At 24ºC (75ºF)dries to the touch in 30 minutos. Can be recoated in 1-2 hours.

CLEANING:With water and soap.

SHELF LIFE:Minimum: 24 months


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