HIPPO-SKIN Mini Roll 3m

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Hippo Skin is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape. The main characteristic of this product is that is super sticky and leaves no residue when removed. Hippo Skin has been mainly used in film and television sets around the world.

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- Art Department will use Hippo-Skin to secure art pieces or stick things on walls when you can not use screws or nails. 

When you film on location, you have to leave the location the same as when you found it, sometimes its a bussiness or someones home so you have to be sure to not leave any mark or residue. 

- Set Dressers also use Hippo-Skin for securing things when there is a lot of wind and you don't want things to blow away. They will also use Hippo Skin to hang things temporarily while waiting for directors approval. 

Sound Department will use Hippo-Skin to mount lavalier mics and to reduce clothing noise from the mic capsule. 

The sound recordists and sound assistants will also use Hippo-Skin to secure noisy props so they can record clean dialogue. 

A clear example of this would be tea mugs or plates on trays on a restaurant scene. 

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