Bandera Gasa Simple ROSCO

ROSCO Black Double Net Butterfly Panel

Rosco Butterfly panels are manufactured with steel spring tube and in Rosco fabrics. They have a strong webbing all around the frame which makes them light, resistant and easy to handle. Filter grip panels in selected colours facilitate identifying different kind of fabrics. 

IMPORTANT - BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE Check with Cinetools to select size and material.
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Available in six standard sizes. Replacement fabrics are sold separately with a velcro locking mechanism which fixes them to the frame..

Black Molton - Black
Black Single Net - Green
White Single Net - White
Black Double Net - Red
White Double Net - Grey
Black Triple Net - Black
White Triple Net - White
White Artificial Silk - Yellow
Black Artificial Silk - Black
1/4 White Artificial Silk - Blue
White China Silk - White

The flags have a manufacturing time of 48 hours from the moment the order has been made.

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