ROSCO Cinefoil

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Black Matte Cinefoil is an aluminum material that absorbs light.
It comes in different sizes. Prices per packaging in box.
For packaging in bags, price upon request.

More details

  • Embalado en Bolsa 30cm x 15,24m
  • Embalado en Bolsa 61cm x 7,6m
  • Embalado en Caja 30cm x 15,24m
  • Embalado en Caja 61cm x 7,2m
  • Embalado en Caja 1,22m x 7,6m
  • Ideal for light masking and/or eliminating undesired reflections.
  • It can be quickly molded to form barndoors, flags and other configurations.
  • Lightweight yet tough, Cinefoil can be quickly-positioned with tape, staples or adhesives.

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