CALIBRITE Mini Grey Balance

CALIBRITE Mini Grey Balance

For the professional photographer or the high-level photographer in the worlds of video, film or graphic arts.

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Designed to help the digital photographer get precise and constant color results easily and efficiently, providing simple reference points to establish a color balance and optimum lighting from the first moment of a photo session. For the digital photographer in a studio situation, finding the correct lighting balance for the camera has always been a long process of finding the correct adjustments. The new 'ColorChecker' grayscale target by GretagMacbeth makes photography a faster and more simple process using a 3 step system. When it’s used under conditions as a reference during the first shot in the series, the photographer can quicly correct the color of an image balancing the value of the mid tones. The new 3-step ColorChecker Grayscale target (white, 18% gray, and black) provides reference patches to be used to check and adjust the colors in most of the most commonly used programs for photography.

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